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Harambee USA Foundation collects the following information through our secure online financial transaction pages: name, address, e-mail address, phone number, and credit card information. This personally identifiable information is used to acknowledge receipt of your donation for tax purposes. When you send a donation in honor of or in memory of someone and request that an acknowledgment be sent to another individual or a family, we will use the name and address of that individual or family for acknowledgment purposes only.

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HUF appreciates informational and educational uses of its website, materials, electronic products and/or services, including its name and logo. However, there are limits on the uses, including the use of the name and logo and the links bearing the name and/or logo.
a) Use of the name and logo or links bearing the name and logo may not indicate or create an impression that HUF endorses, approves, sponsors or is affiliated with your products, goods, services or your website.
b) Your use of the name and logo or links bearing the name and logo may not indicate or create an impression that HUF will benefit from the sale of any good or service.
c) The appearance, position and other aspects of the link may not be such as to disparage the HUF or its services, damage or dilute the goodwill associated with the HUF’s name and service marks.

d) Links bearing the name and logo may only be used for the purpose of linking to the HUF website as designated within the link.
e) The links bearing the name and logo will always be active links.
f) The name and logo and/or link bearing the name and logo may not be combined with any other graphic elements; nor may they be altered in any manner including size, proportions, font, design, arrangement, colors or elements; nor may they be animated, morphed or otherwise distorted in perspective or appearance.
g) The name and logo and/or link bearing the name and logo may not appear more prominently than your personal, company, product or service website name.
h) You will not transfer, assign, sell, reproduce, distribute or otherwise exploit the name and logo or your link to us.
i) HUF is pleased to share its photos with appropriate organizations under the following circumstances:

– The user receives prior permission from HUF.
– HUF and the individual photographer (when appropriate) is credited with each use of the photo.

j) The HUF name and logo and/or link bearing the name and logo may not appear on any pages of any websites that include content or advertising for alcoholic beverages, tobacco, pornography, religious material, partisan material, political material or firearms.

k) Appropriate action by HUF may include, but is not limited to, the revocation of the right to use the name and logo and/or any links bearing the name and logo, in which event you agree to remove the name and logo and/or the links bearing the name and logo within 2 business days of notice of revocation.

It is inappropriate to use HUF website, our materials, including our name and logo, electronic products and/or services for illegal, inappropriate, or obscene purposes, or in support of such activities.

We define these terms as follows:
“Illegal activities” are those that violate laws, regulations and/or private agreements, including federal or state laws governing charitable activities, copyright laws, trademark laws, license agreements or other intellectual property rights.

“Inappropriate uses” are any uses other than as permitted by this Terms of Use Agreement, or as may be permitted elsewhere on our website.

“Obscene activities” are those that violate generally accepted social standards for use of this type of material or technology.
Listed below are some, but not all, prohibited activities that may result in action by HUF:
a) Posting, transmitting, or facilitating in the promotion of illegal content through our website or electronic products and services.
b) Using our website, our material, electronic products and/or services to harass, threaten, embarrass, or do anything else to another visitor or third party that is unwanted.
c) Transmitting or facilitating distribution of content that is untrue, threatening, harassing, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, sexually explicit, obscene, defamatory, or objectionable.
d) Using the name and logo or links bearing the name and logo on websites which HUF finds, in its sole discretion, to be objectionable or which includes obscene, violent, intolerant, tasteless, denigrating or sexually oriented content or materials.
e) Pretending to be anyone whom you are not. You may not impersonate HUF staff, or anyone else.

Harambee USA Foundation reserves the right to take action against any use of its service marks or any links to its website that do not conform to the conditions herein, or that infringe any intellectual property or other rights of HUF.