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SOUTH AFRICA: Pre-school and Elementary Education

Local Partner: Komati Foundation Women Development
Year: 2011

This project involved the marginalized area of Atteridgeville, in Johannesburg, where the unemployment rate has reached 50% and half the population is infected with AIDS. It is also common practice for husbands to leave their wives; as a consequence, women find themselves having to raise their children alone, often turning to prostitution to make ends meet. Most children are affected by poor nutrition and unsanitary living conditions. School is the only reference point most of them have, yet poor economic possibilities, a lack of basic infrastructures and widespread ignorance stand in the way of an adequate education.

The objective of the project was to allow marginalized children in Atteridgeville, Johannesburg, to attend St. Anne’s Primary School and to involve young university volunteers in the initiative. The goal is being reached by improving infrastructures and providing school materials, all the while promoting the concept of “responsible citizenship” through the involvement of volunteer university students.

383 children aged 3-12;
10 professors;
15 volunteers (South African University Students);
1,179 families will indirectly benefit from these activities.

The project is being developed on time and according to the proposed plan of action. Funds are being allocated as per the approved budget.