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SAO TOME: Educating Africa’s Future Generations

Duration: 1 year
Year: 2012
Cost: $53,000

Local Partner: The Canossian Foundation

Sao Tome in map of Africa

Once prosperous, ever since its independence the island has been lacking sources of investment in new business initiatives in practically every sector.  As a consequence, there is a scarcity of jobs. Aside from limited coffee production, and the tropical fruit and fishing industries, the island relies all too heavily on foreign imports. The population is aging quickly and young people have very few opportunities. Those who can afford it end up leaving the country to go study in Angola or Europe, most often not returning.

The island’s youth have an urgent need for quality education, an improve outlook on the world, and the development of a strong identity both as individuals and as a people…to be able to believe their country can start growing again.

The project is divided into three programs:
1)Quality teaching”: to train 50 teachers and 5 staff members of educational centers in Sao Tomé.

2)One more book…to dream bigger”: to create a library/study lab in an existing educational facility in Sao Tomé. The new space will offer a greater and better selection of books and a quiet place for kids to study, collaborate, do research and exchange ideas. Students will be taught to appreciate the value of books, and receive some training in Internet technologies.

3)A window on the world”: to provide computer training for about 120 students and 400 young people in Santana. This initiative is in response to the students’ own request to be taught computer programs like Word, Excel and graphic design, in addition to having Internet access to be in touch with local and international news.

190 boys and girls aged 5 to 12, and their families;
50 teachers and 5 staff members;
540 students in Sao Tomé;
120 students + 400 other young people in the city of Santana.