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MOZAMBIQUE: Improving African Children’s Health and Nutrition

Local Partner: ASA – Acção Social Arcidiocesana
Year: 2011

Mozambique in map of Africa

This project targeted the Marrere area (in the North of the country) where the majority of the population lives off subsistence farming and is unable to get adequate levels of nutrition, resulting in serious health problems. The area lacks drinking water and stable electricity and medical facilities are scarce. Access to health care is impaired due to the great distances between one medical center and another…at least 12.5 miles on foot. This initiative was specifically targeted at mothers and children, the most vulnerable groups of the population.

The project aimed at improving the health and nutritional levels of children in the area of Marrere, Nampula, through health, hygiene and nutritional programs for mothers that have become marginalized. The objective was to increase nutritional levels and reduce the spread of disease by teaching correct hygiene and pediatric skills to the women.

250 women aged 14-40;
260 children aged 0-18 months.

The local partner requested more time to improve the training of the personnel assigned to oversee the project. More qualified personnel will be able to train even more women than initially estimated, without increasing the project’s costs (estimated at $23,500).