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KENYA: Providing technical job training

Duration: 1 year
Cost: $26,300
Year: 2012
Local Partner: Strathmore Educational Trust

Impact of the Eastlands Project

Kenya in map of Africa

In Kenya, young people aged between 15 and 30 years constitute 31% of the population (KNBS 2010). In the next few years, this group is expected to almost double in size. The unemployment rate stands at 40%, with the youth being the main victims. Their lack of employment easily leads them onto the path of crime or makes them vulnerable to many forms of exploitation. The majority of the unemployed do not have adequate preparation to be integrated in the various sectors of the economy.

Strathmore Educational Trust is a Public Charitable Trust incorporated in Kenya, established to promote educational initiatives.

The project objectives are three-fold:
1) To improve the economic prospects of disadvantaged youth through technical education. 25 young people from the slums of Nairobi will be trained to get a certificate in Electronics. Candidates will have at least attained the secondary school level of education.
2) To enrich micro entrepreneurs with business skills, manuals, refresher courses and the ability to mentor young people in their trade. The program will select 25 electricians who are either already practicing the profession or are just starting out.
3) To assist two current staff members of Eastlands Project to obtain the Diploma of Teaching Technical Subjects, for their work in vocational colleges in the area.

The methodology to be adopted by the project will be that of a practical, hands-on approach in teaching Electronics. Thus the Eastlands Project’s Electronics Laboratory will be renovated to accomodate the training of 25 people. The students will also be taken through some theory sessions by the trainers and some practical sessions by Electronics experts in the field. The training will follow the government-set syllabus for a certificate in Electronics.

25 males, aged 18 to 25, of different ethnicities and faiths;
25 apprentice electricians;
2 instructors.

Teacher Education produces results in Kenya