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DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Medical clinics expansion and nursing education

Year: 2014
Location: Mont-Ngafula y Selembao, municipalities of the Lukunga district around Kinshasa
Local Partner: The Centre Congolais de Culture de Formation et Developpement – CECFOR
Cost: $342,000

Democratic Republic of Congo in map of Africa
Background: The Centre Congolais de Culture de Formation et Developpement – CECFOR, gave rise in 1991 to Monkole Hospital Center, in the Mont- Ngafula region of Kinshasa. Monkole Hospital currently serves more than 80,000 patients a year; nearly 50,000 are women. At least 70% of Monkole Hospital patients live in extreme poverty.

The city of Kinshasa has a population of 10 million people, who are nourished with the most basic farm products. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, 74% of the population is malnourished and 80 % live below the poverty line. The fragile state of general health puts demands on the public healthcare system that it simply cannot meet due to the lack of infrastructure, resources, and trained personnel.

Faced with such dire conditions, Monkole Hospital Center has already responded by offering 4 general hospital services: maternity, pediatrics, internal medicine and surgery at three medical clinics (Eliba, Kimbondo and Moluka ), in outlying areas around Kinshasa, and training programs for doctors, nurses and assistants.

The Project: Through CECFOR, Monkole Hospital Center now proposes to:

  1. Improve the equipment and medical training at the Eliba, Kimbondo and Moluka outpatient clinics, for the sake of providing better preventive medicine, especially for children under 5.
  2. Raise the academic standard at the Higher Institute of Nursing Science (ISSI) to university level through improved teacher preparation and increase the number of students attending.


Direct Beneficiaries: Over 2,000 women and 10,000 children a year; 425 nurses

Indirect Beneficiaries: 500,000 the general population of the Mont- Ngafula region of Kinshasa

2014_DRC_baby 2014_DRC_nurse