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Duration: 1 year
Cost: $53,000

Local Partner: Cecfor

Democratic Republic of Congo in map of Africa

In 2008, a group of parents and educators created a non-profit organization called AFEDI, the African Association for Education and Training. Its purpose is to contribute to the education of the young Congolese through schools promoted by parents and approved by the Ministry of Education. So far, AFEDI has opened two schools: Libiza high school and the Bozindo school. Both have been operating since 2009 in rented facilities. Coming September 2012, the organization plans to accept students for the first year of primary school and the first three years of secondary education.

To meet the September 2012 goal, AFEDI has bought a lot with an old building once used for farming, located just outside Kinshasa. The lot will house the new Bozindo school. As this is being built, the existing building will undergo a simple reconstruction to be able to accommodate the students so classes can continue without the organization having to keep paying the high rental fees for the other facilities. Once the new construction is completed, the temporary classrooms will be turned into school labs. Harambee is supporting the project by providing all educational materials for the new school.

60 students set to begin middle school.