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TANZANIA: Festival of Zanzibar Traveling Theater

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania
Entity: Media for Peace

A network comprised of 3 organizations (Africafriends, Signis Service Rome, and Peace Words) whose objective is to support peace by incentivizing the promotion of knowledge and strengthening of rights through the development of the means of communication and audiovisual projects in African states in conflict or in a phase of transition from a situation of armed conflict or social conflict and those places most affected by cultural and social phenomena such as isolation or economic recession.
Beneficiaries: A minimum of 600 people per screening (65% girls and women) in the towns of: Nungwui, Dunga, Kitogani, Fujoni, and di Zanzibar Unguja.
Grant from Harambee: $3,271
Year: 2016

For eighteen years the island of Zanzibar has welcomed one of the most important festivals in the region of East Africa cinema. Each year, for nine days in July, the International Zanzibar Film Festival (ZIFF) provides both the local, public, and international film, music and art of Africa. It also includes the projection of socio- educational films in some rural centers of the island, with the participation of about 800 people at the screening, especially young people and women for whom the film becomes a meeting. This project aims to facilitate the implementation of these educational events, and contribute to social and cultural development of women and young people of Zanzibar.

The project includes:

  • Performing five projections throughout the year in the 5 villages
  • A total of 25 traveling projections. At each projection 600 to 800 people will attend.
  • Formation of a project manager and three assistants to properly contribute to the objective of the project.