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TANZANIA: Action for Mvimwa

Location: Sumbawanga, Tanzania
Entity: Rossi Blouses
Beneficiaries: 6 students; 20,000 people in the surrounding villages
Grant from Harambee: $27,256
Year: 2016

The project will support the Benedictine Monastery Mvimwa (belonging to the Congregation of Santa Otilia), located in the province of Sumbawanga, Rukwa, Tanzania, which covers an area of 7413 acres, including ten farming villages, a primary school for 600 children, a high school for 1,200 students, eleven schools for teachers, a vocational school for electricians with 60 graduates a year, a vocational school for mechanics, and a medical clinic serving the entire population. Therefore, the project aims to strengthen the monastery so that it becomes the protagonist and benchmark of its territory, through the creation of a specialized training center to start the implementation of micro-businesses.

The project includes:

  • Implementation of a training program for staff who manage the center
  • Hardware Center