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KENYA: Strathmore University Enhancements

Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Entity: Strathmore Educational Trust
Beneficiaries: 240 young people a year and 10 scholarships
Grant from Harambee: $27,256
Year: 2016

Kenya in map of Africa

In Kenya, more than 67% of the unemployed are young people, and of these, 90% do not have any training. There is also a wide gap between the skills required by the market and those offered by educational institutions. In addition, the informal micro-business sector employs almost 9 out of 10 workers in the private sector to strengthen productivity. Promoting integration in the formal sector would, therefore, increase employment, improve access to credit, and contribute to the increase of GDP. To meet these needs Strathmore Educational Trust established the Eastlands College of Technology which since 2003 has ensured professional training in the field of electronic technology and communications to more than 5,000 disadvantaged young people and the unemployed. The goal now is to expand the supply of training through the creation of an advanced course for the last three years in “electronic technology and electrical engineering” and an advanced diploma “Certified Information Communication Technologist” by which students can access all the benefits of Strathmore University. Simply put, the project aims to strengthen the school to allow the construction of new courses.

The project includes:

  • Providing technical equipment and teaching
  • Purchase of books for the library
  • Service granting partial scholarships to 10 deserving students