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DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Hospital Monkole Enhancements

Location: Kinshasha, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Beneficiaries: 400 young women and their babies
Grant from Harambee: $43,610
Year: 2016

Democratic Republic of Congo in map of Africa

Democratic Republic of the Congo appears among the last countries in the world in the Human Development Index due to the succession of wars, epidemics, political instability, corruption, and lack of training. The rates of maternal, infant, and child mortality are the highest in the world. The health centers do not have the ability to help women and children due to lack of staff, training, and equipment. People usually do not have the financial means to then access the necessary care. Therefore, the project aims to reduce the rate of infant and maternal mortality by supporting three surgeries (Eliba, Kimbondo and Moluka) operating in remote and inaccessible areas.

Currently , the hospital serves more than 80,000 patients a year of which 48,000 are women and 70% of them live in extreme poverty in Kinshasa, in the Mont – Ngafula.

The project includes:

  • Prenatal visits for 400 young women
  • Treatments for anemia for 200 pregnant women
  • Malaria preventative treatment for 200 pregnant women
  • Securing resources for 100 natural births and 20 cesarean sections
  • Assistance for 40 newborns in the Neonatal Unit of Monkole