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A Bridge To Africa

Harambee USA Foundation is dedicated to supporting education and development in subSaharan nations and promoting a positive outlook on Africa in the US.

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A Bridge to Africa, as part of the Harambee USA’s mission, is a program that teaches American kids about the African culture through lessons as well as communication with African children. The program allows the children to voluntarily extend financial help to the underprivileged children and struggling communities in Africa.

“Harambee” means working together. The organization is a solidarity initiative that originated around the canonization of Saint Josemaria Escriva. Harambee USA is one of 6 associate nations that support Harambee International, headquartered in Rome.

1. To teach our children about African culture in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in that far-away continent, by exploring African art, food and music, geography/ topography, family life and socio-economic matters.
2. To teach our children compassion and generosity towards the less privileged and the poor communities of Africa, through voluntary donation and fund-raising activities for the purpose of extending financial help to select projects in Africa.  For 2017, Harambee recommends supporting the “Children’s Health Programme” (CHEP program) designed by Kimlea Clinic of Monkole Hospital, Kenya. (materials describing CHEP will be enclosed in the package)

1. Children from a regular school class or clubs – age of students can range from 3rd grade to senior HS.
2. Teachers (with approval from Principal) and Club leaders.
3. Parents and homeschoolers
4. Contact person from Harambee USA: Isabel Macalintal, email address: ny.Harambeeusa@gmail.com

1. A package includes some suggested resources and teachers are free to enlist their own teaching materials tailored according to the children’s age.
2. Lessons, coloring pages, recipes, and games are available below:

Fun Lesson Plans

Masks to Color

Recipes and Games

3. Websites that may be of interest (but not limited to) include:









1. If you are considering participation in this program, “A Bridge to Africa” kindly email Isabel Macalintal at Harambee USA of your interest. (ny.Harambeeusa@gmail.com)
2. Please submit the following information to Isabel through email:

a. Name of club (or school)

b. Contact information: Name of Adult teacher or Club leader

c. Email address and phone number

d. Address where materials need to be sent

e. The number of kids in the club or class. Ages of kids

3. All communication between African and American children must go through their respective teachers.
4. Any plans to raise funds for the African children and communities are voluntary and must have parents’ knowledge and approval.

Costs for this project are minimal.  Some expenses may include the printing of lessons and use of various craft/art materials and would be entirely supported by the teacher / homeschooler /club leader involved.

1. In order to teach and practice generosity for the less fortunate some voluntary fundraising activities may be initiated. Individual teachers may decide the best way to raise funds, depending on their circumstances.
2. The teacher may decide to use a wide-mouthed jar for a piggy bank for the class. Harambee logo stickers are provided for your use. The children may bring their coins to be put into the piggy bank every time they meet. Or, they may keep their small recycled jar/piggy bank (size of a Gerber baby food jar) at home.
3. After a given amount of time (within a year)  the teacher/leader collects donations and deposits coins collected to his/her personal account and then issues a check for the same amount payable to:

Harambee USA Foundation

117 East 70th St,

New York, NY 10018

Include a note indicating the donors and how they raised funds. The children may also write a note expressing their thoughts and good wishes for the kids in Africa.

Alternatively, after depositing the coins in the teacher’s personal bank account, the teacher may go to http://harambeeusa.org/how-to-help/donate/ to donate the funds using the website’s online payment system.

4. Isabel Macalintal, (Harambee President) or Corito Sevilla (Treasurer) will follow up with the receipt of these donations and will email or mail a letter acknowledging the funds received. The funds are then wired to Kianda Foundation in Kenya or other selected projects in Africa.

1. We will try to connect our American kids with the African kids through emails and exchange of letters. These modes of communication will be administered solely by the teachers.  An exchange of short videos could also be used. Teachers/leaders would use all means possible to see that permission is granted for such communication.
2. If time and logistics permit, the classes could communicate through Skype
3. Communication between the Teacher and Harambee USA may be done through email (ny.harambeeusa@gmail.com) or phone (914)772-0925 (Isabel).