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The one who tells the truth never makes a mistake. – Shawili proverb

School kids dancing to welcome the district's priest

A friend is like a water spring during a long journey. – Kikuyu proverb

A youngster who disrespects the elders is like a tree with no roots. – Ntomba proverb

One shows more wisdom listening than talking. – Kikuyu proverb

In union there is strength. – Igbo proverb

He who listens to the voice of the elder is like a strong tree; he who covers his ears is like a branch in the wind. – Masai proverb

You’d never erase the footprints of two people who walk together. – Congolese proverb

Remember: If there is thunder, a rainbow always follows. – Kikuyu proverb

If the herd stays together, the lion will go to bed hungry. – African proverb

The drums of war are drums of hunger. – South African proverb

The river is made up of small streams. – Bateke proverb

The sweetness of the world lies in human existence and relationships. – Igbo proverb