Harabmee Youth


Boulevard and Sycamore Girls Clubs

The Boulevard and Sycamore Girls Clubs in Havertown, Pennsylvania are tying in their involvement with Harambee USA by engaging in the following activities:

On February 11, 2017 the girls made paper bead jewelry from Uganda. Here are the instructions they followed: How to make a paper bead necklace and here is a video on how they are made in Uganda:

Uganda: Paper Bead Making

On March 11, 2017 the girls made Adinkra symbol cloth hangings from Ghana. Here is inforamtion about  Adinkra Fabric Printing.

Design Starting Design Inwork Design Inwork Continued
Design Complete Design Complete Continued

Curently, the girls are saving their allowance money for contributions to the group and are also engaged in the solidarity project offering study hours for Africa. Looking forward they would like to make sweet potato cookies or write postcards to the students in Africa.

To keep our children safe from cyber interlopers, we strongly recommend that communication with friends from Africa go through the adults in the program.  We stress that there be an adult “gatekeeper” in these communications and that they are always supervised and monitored. We will facilitate the exchange of letters through teachers and administrators and we discourage the children from attempting to contact the kids outside the US directly by email or Skype.