“Communicating Africa” Media Awards

The “Communicating Africa” Media Awards, held every two years, were instituted in 2004 by Harambee Africa International to counter stereotypes and the Western tendency to think that Africa has no say and plays a marginal role in the international community. The goal is to contribute to spreading a more genuine understanding of African people, their daily routines and normal life despite the tragic circumstances they often find themselves facing.

Accepted into the competition are TV documentaries as well as video-clips produced by students (25 years and under) and distributed online. The material must deal with ethnic, religious, social, economic, and cultural issues in Africa, with a particular focus on the importance of education for the peaceful development of the African society.

2004 Award

“Inhlanyelo Fund”. This reportage, by Michelle Makori, talks about the positive effects of a micro-credit project in Swaziland.

2006 Award

This video, realized by Jim Fahy, tells the story of Michael Meegan, an Irish doctor engaged in helping the Masai population in Kenya.

2008 Award

Part 1

Part 2

“Mujeres para un mundo mejor” – “Women for a better world”. Video realised by Mayte Pascual for the Spanish Public Television. The documentary shows the importance of the role of women in the development of the continent.

2010 Award

TV News Agency Rome Reports presents the 2010 Harambee International “Conveying Africa” Award.