About Us

Harambee USA

“What Harambee USA does is more than an act of charity for a people in need. It is an act of belief in a people who are passionate about advancing their community and an act of hope in a young and vibrant continent.” – Kevin Kambo, Strathmore University graduate, Kenya

Founded in 2007, Harambee USA Foundation is a US non-profit 501(c) 3 organization designed to promote international solidarity and cooperation with sub-Saharan African countries. We are a National Associate of Harambee Africa International, an Italy-based non-profit at the head of the Harambee network. Our two-fold mission is:

In sub-Saharan Africa: To support sustainable educational and developmental initiatives that help Africans help themselves.
In the United States: To promote awareness-building programs for all ages to transmit the richness and complexity of African culture.

Smiling refugee kids

Harambee USA Foundation does not make capital grants. In sub-Saharan Africa we focus mainly on short-term or technical assistance grants for programs with explicit objectives and pre-determined costs. We support education at all levels and projects with at least partial local funding. Our operational structure guarantees proven effectiveness and financial accountability.

To preserve its original integrity and limit overhead costs, Harambee USA Foundation is 100% volunteer-staffed. Our team is comprised of enthusiastic professionals from diverse nationalities and educational backgrounds, fully dedicated to the Foundation’s mission and vision for the benefit of Africa.

The projects we fund in sub-Saharan Africa are designed and implemented by African-based organizations to ensure they address the most important needs of the local communities in a way that fits their social/cultural values and promotes long-term commitment. At the same time, we ensure that all programs receive the necessary expert oversight. Our partner organization, Harambee Africa International, provides the projects we fund with native field representatives and international management consultants.


Prior to allocating any funds to a sub-Saharan project, Harambee USA Foundation requires a full project proposal and budget review, including a detailed description of the managerial support to be provided by Harambee Africa International. HAI is also responsible for reviewing periodical project reports from program recipients and presenting Harambee USA Foundation with a final evaluation of the program’s success at meeting its budget and educational objectives. We do not give support to candidates for political office, local or national governments, for profit organizations or capital campaigns.

Harambee USA Foundation issued its first grant in 2008. Kenya’s Teacher Enhancement Program received $25,000 toward a pilot series of training courses for 135 primary school teachers. The program restored a sense of identity to Kenyan educators as contributors to the moral fiber of their nation. The attitudinal change in the teachers made a major, measurable difference in the lives of 4,050 children.